*To place a gem to any hero equippable item, you need to use an Artificer’s Chisel
(70 PHP per piece.)
*These will track specific stats and will be displayed in your item where you placed the gem.

General Inscribed Gems Tracked Stat
Kills — 50 PHP Kills
Kill Assists — 50 PHP Assists
First Bloods — 100 PHP First Bloods
Godlike Sprees — 100 PHP Godlike Sprees
Gold Earned — 150 PHP Gold Earned
Gold Spent — 100 PHP Gold Spent
Buildings Destroyed — 50 PHP Buildings Destroyed
Barracks Destroyed — 50 PHP Barracks Destroyed
Towers Destroyed — 50 PHP Towers Destroyed
Roshan Kills — 50 PHP Roshan Kills
Heroes Revealed with Dusts — 50 PHP Heroes Revealed with Dusts
Couriers Purchased — 50 PHP Couriers Purchased
Wards Purchased — 50 PHP Wards Purchased
Wards Placed — 50 PHP Wards Placed
Abaddon Inscribed Gems
Borrowed Time Healing — 50 PHP Amount of healing done under Borrowed Time
Mist Coil Kills — 200 PHP Kills with Mist Coil
Healed with Mist Coil — 200 PHP Amount of healing done with Mist Coil
Aphotic Shield Kills — 200 PHP Kills with Aphotic Shield
Axe Inscribed Gems
Enemies Culled — 100 PHP Kills with Culling Blade
Battle Hunger Kills — 50 PHP Kills with Battle Hunger
Near Death Kills — 50 PHP Kills under low HP
Call Damage Done — 50 PHP Amount of damage dealt while using Berserker’s Call
Call Damage Taken — 50 PHP Amount of damage taken while using Berserker’s Call
Beastmaster Inscribed Gems
Hawks Summoned — 50 PHP Summoned with Call of the Wild
Boars Summoned — 50 PHP Boars Summoned with Call of the Wild
Roar Kill — 50 PHP Kills with Primal Roar
Roar Multi-Kills — 50 PHP Multi-kills with Primal Roar
Bloodseeker Inscribed Gems
Rupture Kills — 50 PHP Kills with Rupture
Bounty Hunter Inscribed Gems
Tracked Kills — 100 PHP Track Kills
Tracked Invisible Kills — 50 PHP Track Kills While Invisible
Invisible Jinada Strikes — 50 PHP Jinada Strikes While Invisible
Tracked Bonus Gold — 100 PHP Amount of bonus Track gold earned
Centaur Warrunner Inscribed Gems
Double Edge Kills — 50 PHP Enemies killed with Double Edge
Enemies Stomped — 50 PHP Enemies caught with Hoof Stomp
Return Kills — 50 PHP Enemies killed by Return
Chaos Knight Inscribed Gems
4 Second Stuns — 50 PHP 4 Second Stuns with Chaos Bolt
Crystal Maiden Inscribed Gems
Frostbitten Enemies — 50 PHP Enemies caught with Frostbite
Crystal Novas Cast — 100 PHP Times Crystal Novas Cast
Freezing Field Kills — 150 PHP Kills with Freezing Field
Death Prophet Inscribed Gems
Crypt Swarm Kills — 50 PHP Kills with Crypt Swarm
Exorcism Building Kills — 50 PHP Building kills with Exorcism
Exorcism Spirits Summoned — 100 PHP Spirits summoned with Exorcism
Disruptor Inscribed Gems
Enemies Fountain Glimpsed — 50 PHP Enemies sent back to fountain with Glimpse
Heroes Glimpsed — 50 PHP Times Glimpse cast on Enemies
Thunder Strike Kills — 50 PHP Kills with Thunder Strike
Doom Inscribed Gems
Creeps Devoured — 50 PHP Creeps devoured with Devour Devour
Doomed Enemies — 50 PHP Enemies doomed with Doom skill Doom
Dragon Knight Inscribed Gems
Dragon Form Kills — 100 PHP Kills while under Elder Dragon Form
Breathe Fire Kills — 50 PHP Kills with Breathe Fire
Dragon Tail Stuns — 100 PHP Stuns with Dragon Tail
Splash Damage Kills — 50 PHP Kills with splash damage under Elder Dragon Form
Drow Ranger Inscribed Gems
Enemies Silenced — 50 PHP Enemies hit with Gust
Silenced Kills — 50 PHP Kills while target is under Gust
Frost Arrow Kills — 100 PHP Kills with Frost Arrows
Earth Spirit Inscribed Gems
Smash Stuns — 50 PHP Enemies stunned with Boulder Smash
Grip Silences — 50 PHP Enemies silenced with Geomagnetic Grip
Speeding Boulders — 50 PHP Number of rock-enhanced Rolling Boulder
Earthshaker Inscribed Gems
Fissure Stuns — 500 PHP Enemies stunned with Fissure
Three-Hero Echoslams — 500 PHP Hitting 3 Heroes with Echo Slam
Elder Titan Inscribed Gems
Triple-Hero Earth Splitters — PHP Catching 3 Heroes with Earth Splitter
Enemies killed by Astral Spirit — PHP Kills with Astral Spirit
Triple-Hero Echo Stomp — PHP Catching 3 Heroes with Echo Stomp
Enchantress Inscribed Gems
Creeps Enchanted — 50 PHP Creeps enchanted with Enchant
Faceless Void Inscribed Gems
Multi-Hero Chronospheres — 100 PHP Catching multiple heroes in Chronosphere
Chronosphere Kills — 100 PHP Kills inside Chronosphere
Invoker Inscribed Gems
Sunstrike Kills — 350 PHP Kills with Sun Strike
Tornado Kills — 150 PHP Kills with Tornado
Juggernaut Inscribed Gems
Omnislash Jumps — 50 PHP Omnislash Jumps
Blade Fury Damage — 50 PHP Amount of Blade Fury damage
Blade Dance Crits — 50 PHP Blade Dance Crits
Keeper of the Light Inscribed Gems
Illuminate Kills — 100 PHP Kills with Illuminate
Mana Leak stuns — 50 PHP Stuns caused by Mana Leak
Teammates Recalled — 50 PHP Teammates recalled with Recall
Kunkka Inscribed Gems
Double-Hero Torrents — 50 PHP Catching 2 heroes with Torrent
Triple-Hero Ghost Ships — 50 PHP Hitting 3 heroes with Ghost Ship
Legion Commander Inscribed Gems
Duels Won — 150 PHP Duels won
Duels Lost — 100 PHP Duels lost
Rune of the Duelist Indomitable — 400 PHP Duels won
Leshrac Inscribed Gems
Split Earth Stuns — 50 PHP Stuns with Split Earth
Lina Inscribed Gems
Dragon Slave Kills — 100 PHP Kills with Dragon Slave
Light Strike Array Stuns — 100 PHP Stuns with Light Strike Array
Laguna Blade Kills — 150 PHP Kills with Laguna Blade
Lion Inscribed Gems
Finger Kills — 50 PHP Kills with Finger of Death
Mana Drained — 50 PHP Amount of Mana drained from enemy Heroes
Luna Inscribed Gems
Eclipse Kills — 400 PHP Kills with Eclipse
Lucent Beam Kills — 300 PHP Kills with Lucent Beam
Lycan Inscribed Gems
Shapeshift Kills — 50 PHP Kills while under Shapeshift
Wolves Summoned — 50 PHP Wolves summoned with Summon Wolves
Medusa Inscribed Gems
Enemies Petrified — 50 PHP Enemies turned to stone with Stone Gaze
Mystic Snake Mana Stolen — 50 PHP Mana stolen with Mystic Snake
Meepo Inscribed Gems
Successful Earthbinds — 50 PHP Catching enemy heroes with Earthbind
Mirana Inscribed Gems
Maximum Stun Arrows — 50 PHP Maximum time stuns with Sacred Arrow
Morphling Inscribed Gems
Heroes Replicated — 50 PHP Heroes Replicated
Max Adaptive Strike Stuns — 50 PHP Maximum time stuns with Adaptive Strike
Max Damage Adaptive Strikes — 50 PHP Maximum damage hits with Adaptive Strike
Morphs to Replicate — 50 PHP Times you took the place of your Replicate
Naga Siren Inscribed Gems
Enemies Ensnared — 50 PHP Enemies caught with Ensnare
Triple-Hero Rip Tides — 50 PHP Hitting 3 heroes with Rip Tide
Nature’s Prophet Inscribed Gems
Trees Created — 50 PHP Trees created with Sprout
Treants Created — 50 PHP Treants created with  Nature’s Call
Ogre Magi Inscribed Gems
4X Multicast Fireblasts — 50 PHP 4X Multicast  Fireblast
4X Multicast Ignites — 50 PHP 4X Multicast  Ignite
 Omniknight Inscribed Gems
Purifications — 50 PHP Times  Purification cast
Allies Repelled — 50 PHP  Repel cast on allies
Enemies Repelled — 50 PHP  Repel cast on enemies
Outworld Devourer Inscribed Gems
Intelligence Stolen — 50 PHP Amount of intelligence stolen with  Astral Imprisonment
 Phantom Assassin Inscribed Gems
Coup de Grace Crits — 150 PHP Crits with  Coup de Grace
Dagger Crits — 100 PHP Crits with  Stifling Dagger
Dagger Last Hits — 100 PHP Last hits with  Stifling Dagger
Phantom Strike Kills — 100 PHP Kills with  Phantom Strike
 Puck Inscribed Gems
Kills with Illusory Orb — 50 PHP Kills with  Illusory Orb
Triple-Hero Dream Coils — 50 PHP Catching 3 heroes with  Dream Coil
Triple-Hero Waning Rifts — 50 PHP Hitting 3 heroes with  Waning Rift
 Pudge Inscribed Gems
Flesh Heap Total — 100 PHP Amount of  Flesh Heap stacks
Dismember Kills — 100 PHP Kills with  Dismember
Enemy Heroes Hooked — 250 PHP Enemy heroes caught with  Meat Hook
Meat Hook Kills — 150 PHP Kills with  Meat Hook
Unseen Enemies Hooked — 650 PHP Enemies caught with  Meat Hook without vision
 Riki Inscribed Gems
Gem Carriers Killed — 100 PHP Killing a hero carrying a Gem of True Sight
Heroes Killed Inside Smoke — 50 PHP Killing heroes inside  Smoke Screen
 Rubick Inscribed Gems
Spells Stolen — 100 PHP Abilities stolen with  Spell Steal
Ultimates Stolen — 100 PHP Ultimate Abilities stolen with  Spell Steal
Sand King Inscribed Gems
Epicenter Kills — 50 PHP Kills with  Epicenter
Burrowstrike Stuns — 50 PHP Enemies stunned with  Burrowstrike
 Shadow Shaman Inscribed Gems
Hexed Enemies Killed — 50 PHP Enemies killed while under  Hex
Serpent Wards Summoned — 50 PHP Serpent Wards summoned with  Mass Serpent Ward
Shackled Enemies Killed — 50 PHP Enemies killed while under  Shackles
 Skywrath Mage Inscribed Gems
Flare Kills — 50 PHP Kills with  Mystic Flare
Ancient Seal Kills — 50 PHP Kills while target is under  Ancient Seal
Concussive Shot Kills — 50 PHP Kills with  Concussive Shot
 Slark Inscribed Gems
Leashed Enemies — 50 PHP Enemies caught with  Pounce
Essence Stolen — 50 PHP Amount of stats stolen with  Essence Shift
Debuffs Purged — 50 PHP Debuffs purged with  Dark Pact


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