Option A: P200 1pc. | P500 3pcs.
Apostle of Decay Set
(with Loading Screen)
Necrophos – Mythical
Garb of the Cunning Augur Set
(with Loading Screen)
Rubick – Mythical
Flowing Entropy Set
(with Loading Screen)
Spectre – Mythical
Beacon of Cerulean Light Set
(with Loading Screen)
Skywrath Mage – Mythical
Serpent of the Emerald Sea Set
(with Loading Screen)
Medusa – Mythical
Echoes of the Eyrie Set
(with Loading Screen)
Vengeful Spirit – Mythical
Sufferwood Sapling
Nature’s Prophet – Immortal
3pcs. LEFT
Resistive Pinfold
Disruptor – Immortal
Draining Wight
Pugna – Immortal
Searing Dominator
Huskar – Immortal
Luna – Immortal
Colossal Crystal Chorus
Meepo – Immortal
Option B: P500 1pc. + 1 FREE from Option A
Arms of the Captive Princess Set
(with Loading Screen)
Naga Siren – Rare
Deviant Metamorphosis Set
(with Loading Screen)
Nyx Assassin – Rare
Charge of the Tundra Warden Set
(with Loading Screen)
Crystal Maiden – Rare
Wrath of the Hellrunner Set
(with Loading Screen)
Spirit Breaker – Rare
Garb of the Great Deluge Set
(with Loading Screen)
Disruptor – Rare
Hunt of the Weeping Beast Set
(with Loading Screen)
Bloodseeker – Rare
Brawler of the Glacier Sea Set
(with Loading Screen)
Tusk – Mythical
Fires of Vashundol Set
(with Loading Screen)
Doom – Mythical
Flowersong Tempest Set
(with Loading Screen)
Windranger – Mythical
Tormented Staff
Leshrac – Immortal
The Barren Crown
Sand King – Immortal
Tinker – Immortal
Atomic Ray Thrusters
Gyrocopter – Immortal
Iron Surge
Spirit Breaker – Immortal
Bonkers the Mad
Witch Doctor – Immortal
Piston Impaler
Bristleback – Immortal
Shock of the Anvil
Magnus – Immortal
Jewel of Aeons
Faceless Void – Immortal
Vigil Signet
Sven – Immortal
Focal Resonance
Templar Assassin – Immortal


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